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Today we will take you to meet The terminology in the Texas Hold’em game. The terminology used in poker games is even shocking. But we will try to explain it easily. Here are some common terms in poker games:

  • First Giveaway The first set of cards is dealt to the player before the player must decide.
  • HOLE CARDS, first 2 cards dealt to you with face down Is also known as “Pocket Card” in Texas Hold’em.
  • BAD BEAT This term is used when you have a very good hand. But must lose a better hand Some poker rooms offer jackpots for the best bad beat hands. Which is the best losing hand
  • BIG BLIND The player on the left side of the dealer places an anchor blind. (Mandatory bet) which is equal to half Of the smallest bet amount The player on his left hand will place the big blind. Which is equal to the smallest bet
  • SMALL BLIND View Big Blind
  • Dealer is a player who has been designated as a dealer in each hand. He is not really a dealer’s card.
  • Board (BOARD) face-up cards in a flip game
  • Button (BUTTON) A circular plate that tells who the dealer is for this hand. This button will move clockwise (to the left) in each hand.
  • pot (POT) all the chips in the middle of the table Is the amount of money we will get when playing to win
  • CALL: A bet that is equal to the bet placed at that time.
  • Fold (FOLD) discarding a card when you think that the cards in your hand are not good enough to play
  • Pass (CHECK) if no additional bets are placed You can pass and wait to see if others will place bets or not. If everyone passes the game, they will advance to the next round.
  • Raise, RE-RAISE A bet that increases the bet placed at that time.
  • ALL-IN When a player doesn’t have enough chips to “fight”, he must bet with all the chips they have, including the pot at that time. Any bets placed after that will be placed outside of the pot.
  • FLOP The first 3 cards in the face-up card of the Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker game.
  • TURN: The 4th card from the pot in the flip game.
  • RIVER, the last card in the flipped card face-up And refers to the last card in the 7 card stud.
  • KICKER A high card with a pair or 2 pairs (counting only one controller if equal. For example, K – K will be settled as a tie and split the pot. Without looking at the playing card And not looking at the next card)
  • MUCHKED CARDS, discarding a card without anyone seeing the card
  • NUTS, the best hand possible in the game Every winning hand And should place a lot of bets
  • POCKET CARDS has the same meaning as hole cards.
  • Post (POST) Post depending on the poker game.
  • RAKE deduction rate every time the casino draws from the pot as a commission
  • FISH, the youngest player in the table Is the person who pays the most money Regarding this word, there is an expression that “If looking around At the table and not meeting the weakest person Shows that you are the weakest And you should stop playing now “
  • ROUNDS OF BETTING The betting round ends when all players have a chance to fold or fight.
  • All Open (SHOWDOWN). Once the bet has been completed, all players must open all cards in their hand. To see who has the highest hand

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